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Ginsberg Frump

Posted on 08 October 2018

People's Karaoke
Ginsberg Frump

Sometime in the future....

I visit Ginsberg Frump at the supreme court
I see her most every day
And when I see Ginsberg Frump in her iron lung
This is what I hear her say

You know, Ginsberg Frump the liberal's best friend
She never votes Trump or Mike Pence
She indulges my lies, and best of all
She never disagrees

The nurse gives her medications every afternoon
Votes down on left side... She can't die
And then I ask her opinions of legal situations
And I wait for Ginsberg Frump to reply, and Ginsberg Frump would say

Well, unfortunately, it will come to be
Ginsberg Frump's dying day
And then I'll bring to you the very last thing
That Ginsberg Frump had to say.... read more ... Statistics : 1 Post || 85 Views Post by Groucho Marxist