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Election Meddling, Anyone? Irony-Unaware NY Times Notes Chinese Tariffs Target Trump’s Midwest Supporters

Posted on 07 July 2018

<p>The <em>New York Times</em> has been obsessed with the idea that Russian "meddling" somehow affected 2016's presidential election results and prevented a Hillary Clinton presidency. The <em>Times</em> has also served as a conduit for several leaks by opponents of President Donald Trump and others who are sympathetic with (or even part of) Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation. So it's more than a little ironic that <em>Times</em> reporter Raymond Zhong, in a Friday report (for Saturday's print edition) covering China's imposition of tariffs on certain U.S. imports, noted with how its tariffs "were chosen to hit President Trump’s supporters" without characterizing them as a clear attempt at election meddling — one with far more potential impact than clumsy attempts at social media manipulation allegedly orchestrated by Russia.</p>