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REPORT: Failed AG Sessions Will Not Fire Andrew McCabe

Posted on 16 March 2018

According to independent journalist Mike Cernovich, McCabe is safe. AG Sessions will not fire the FBI Deputy Director despite clear misconduct.

McCabe is set to receive a hefty pension.

Cernovich’s sources are telling him Sessions will not drop the hammer on McCabe.

Cernovich tweeted: Jeff Session said he won’t fire McCabe, two sources familiar with his decisionmaking told me, thus sending a message to @realDonaldTrump that those who lie to the FBI in an effort to help Hillary are safe.

Cernovich then tweeted: McCabe is safe, Sessions isn’t going to fire him despite clear misconduct.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was mulling firing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after an internal review recommended he be terminated.

McCabe is currently on ‘terminal leave’ and is set to retire on Sunday with his full pension.

According to Horowitz’s report, McCabe authorized illegal leaks to the media and misled the Inspector General’s investigators.

As previously reported, according to the New YorkTimes, McCabe authorized a leak to the Wall Street Journal which led to an October 2016 article that revealed an internal dispute between the FBI and DOJ about how to handle Hillary Clinton’s email investigation that had just been reopened after classified emails were found on Weiner’s laptop.

Americans should not fund McCabe’s pension after what he did to weaponize the FBI, mislead the FISA court among other criminal actions.

This is just like Lois Lerner all over again. Corrupt IRS official Lois Lerner is receiving a fat pension despite targeting conservative organizations.

Mike Cernovich previously broke the Susan Rice unmasking story and Rep. John Conyers sexual harassment scandal.

The Gateway Pundit will update as soon as the story is confirmed with a statement from the Attorney General or Attorney General’s office.

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