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Mitt Romney Under Fire in New Ad for ‘Liberal Massachusetts Values’ (VIDEO)

Posted on 08 March 2018

Thursday, establishment GOP candidate Mitt Romney became the first attack ad victim of the Utah Senate race.

The well-produced video breaks down Romney’s deep D.C. establishment ties and accurately labels the candidate “flip-flopper Mitt”, highlighting his nefarious history of skirting or changing talking points on issues like abortion and the second amendment.

Romney is called out during the Larry Meyers (R-Utah) produced advertisement for not being a conservative enough candidate to represent Utah voters.

Meyers’ ad draws a clear line in the sand for Utah voters and also continues the cycle of GOP primaries driven by populist, anti-establishment messaging. Romney’s “liberal Massachusetts values” – as the ad points out – along with his D.C. swamp roots make him a ripe target for anti-establishment conservatives looking to keep their state from a NeoCon takeover.

Romney already faced backlash from the state GOP by indicating his interest in replacing long-time Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, with many within the GOP branding Romney a carpetbagger.

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