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Out Of Touch Democrats Open “State of OUR Union” Speech With Illegal Colombian Trans Immigrant Preaching Identity Politics

Posted on 31 January 2018

Prior to the State of the Union by President Trump, a group of illegals, feminists, trans activists, and “progressives” gathered for an event that they called the “State of ‘Our’ Union’” – a very trite name.

The crowning jewel of the night was a speech given by an illegal Colombian self-described “tranny” Catalina Velasquez, when she broke down her classifications the crowd erupted into applause.

Her main job is advancing what she calls an “agenda of economic justice”, which basically equates to guilting rich people into disbursing their wealth among the demanding impoverished people she “empowers”. Translation: Her job is to grow an entitled welfare state and increase their demands.

Velasquez spent a good portion of her speech railing against identity politics while simultaneously exalting her various identities. This is a hallmark of intersectional nonsense. *They* can be proud of their identities and *they* can stoke the flames of race relations and *they* can also criticize anyone outside of the preferred classes who even merely are comfortable with their own race or gender or sexuality. What makes Velasquez such a comical example of leftist Intersectional politics is how many boxes on the “oppression” scale Velasquez can check off; here is a person with Gender Dysphoria, who illegally broke into the United States, has no real accomplishments, and who (like most of the attendees and speakers at the State of OUR Union speech) would classify as obese. Why promote such an obviously disturbed criminal? Because the left is in retreat, they spent close to a decade playing solely off identity politics and this is where it’s gotten them.

The majority of Velasquez’s speech consisted of her listing off buzzwords: “persisting” “defiant” “proud” “LatinX” “resist” “divide” “unity” “hopeful” “join together” “women of all walks of life” “LGBTQ+ community” “abuse” “immigrant” “immigrant” “immigrant” “immigrant” “immigrant”.

“So, it is 2018 and I pledge to remain active building solidarity across all the communities I am part of,” Velasquez stumbles through. “I pledge . . . to support women of color, particularly transgender women of color. In 2018, I pledge to continue pouring onto my already deported family and ensuring that no immigrant family in the U.S. will face family separation because of the fear-mongering, mass deportation, xenophobic agenda in place under the Trump administration. I pledge . . . keep the revolution alive.”

The majority of the “State of ‘Our’ Union” event was individuals parroting the sentiments expressed by Velasquez, but after she stopped talking the comedic value of the event quickly declined.

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