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London Review of Books Mocks MSM Embrace of Trump-Russia Collusion

Posted on 01 January 2018

<p>Despite cracks beginning to emerge in the mainstream media such as the <em>CNN</em> legal analyst declaring last week that <em>Trump is right about the FBI</em>, they continue to cling for the most part to their beloved orthodoxy that there was collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump presidential campaign. It is this near religious belief that was mocked in the January 4 <em>London Review of the Books</em>. That leftist periodical is certainly no fan of Trump as a quick perusal of its pages would confirm but they are honest enough to admit that the MSM is absurd for swallowing the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory hook, line, and sinker as you can see in this article by Jackson Lears, What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking:</p>