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UNREAL=> Crooked Cop Comey Posts Pompous New Year’s Eve Tweet

Posted on 31 December 2017

Crooked cop Comey posted a very pompous New Year’s Eve tweet Sunday evening.

Comey is no longer in power and his Deep State buddies are being purged. Welcome to reality, Comey.

On Sunday, Comey tweeted, “Here’s hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership, focused on the truth and lasting values. Happy New Year, everybody.”

More ethical leadership would including purging more Deep State Obama holdovers. The most corrupt leaders our country has ever seen happened under Obama. Comey wouldn’t know the first thing about being truthful.

Fired FBI Director James Comey is sweating bullets on the heels of a major shake up at the FBI. Rumors are also flying of another purge of top FBI brass involved in the Clinton email investigation.

It was been a rough week and a half for the FBI and Obama holdovers. Deep State FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is set to retire early next year after a barrage of attacks for his corruption.

McCabe’s retirement announcement comes on the heels of a major shake up at the FBI; Wray just removed Comey “confidant” and suspected leaker James Baker from his top post as general counsel.

Then President Trump blasted Andrew McCabe for his overt corruption and accused him of racing the clock to retire with full benefits with only 90 days to go.

The pressure is mounting for McCabe’s pension to be pulled and rumors are flying that more FBI agents are going to be purged soon.

According to reporter Sharyl Attkisson, the exodus may not be over just yet.

“8 high ranking DOJ/FBI officials have been removed, reassigned or are rumored to be leaving incl. top agents who worked on 2 high-profile probes: Clinton mishandling of classified info, and Trump-Russia collusion investigation,”Attkisson tweeted on Tuesday.

James Comey is in serious legal trouble for his handling of the Clinton email scandal.

Comey’s criminal actions could put him in prison.

In December 2017 Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told FOX News he was convinced the FBI was trying to stop Donald Trump from being elected.

On Friday the State Department released emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

At least 5 emails contain classified information from Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

US Sailors have gone to prison for less than this.

Some of the reaction from Trump supporters…

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