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Uber-Liberal Partisan Katy Tur Whines About Tribal, Politically Divided America, Pines For ‘A Leader Who Will Help Us Come Together’

Posted on 27 December 2017

<p>On Wednesday’s <em>Morning Joe</em>, MSNBC news anchor and NBC News correspondent Katy Tur joined her fellow pundits to lament the current state of political affairs in America after a year of Donald Trump’s presidency. In spite of her long history of false claims, distortions, and apologia on behalf of liberal politicians and causes, Tur had the audacity to complain that “we’re in our tribes. We’re screaming across social media. And we’re allowing it to divide us.”</p> <p>Without a hint of self-awareness, Tur also wondered aloud: “[H]ow do we combat against disinformation, against the spreading of actual fake news?” Of course, no one called Tur out for her own role in fomenting political tribalism by promoting rank partisan propaganda.</p>