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Obama New Year Statement for 2018 Inadvertently Praises President Trump as ‘One Person Changing the World’

Posted on 30 December 2017

Former President Barack Obama issued a motivational statement to supporters for the New Year this week on behalf of his Obama Foundation in which he inadvertently praises President Donald Trump as ‘one person…who changed the world’.

Obama’s statement was sent to the Obama Foundation and posted at the site with the title, “President Obama: “Go Keep Changing the World in 2018”.

The statement stays clear of hot-button political issues, instead Obama uses a ‘read between the lines’ style with anti-Trump code words like “division” to encourage his supporters to stay active furthering his radical Leftist agenda. The overall tone of the statement is optimism in America and the future.

As is the case with Obama, the first word in the statement is “I” as in “I’ve”.

I’ve always liked counting down to the new year. We get to reflect on what we’ve been through, and prepare for what’s ahead. There’s something inherently optimistic about that.

I know optimism isn’t always fashionable. Certainly not when we’re fed a steady stream of cynicism on television and through social media. We face some extraordinary challenges, but consider the long view. If you think about it, by almost every measure, America and the world are better than they were fifty, twenty, even ten years ago.

I was born at a time when women and people of color were systematically, routinely excluded from huge portions of American life. Today, women and minorities are rising up in the ranks of business, politics, and everywhere else. That’s just one of the significant shifts we’ve seen. And when you measure it against the scope of human history — it happened in an instant.

Around the world, we live in a time when fewer people are dying young and more people are living not only longer, but better. More girls are in school. More adults can read. More children get the vaccines they need.

These are good things. And none of them are lucky accidents. They happened because countless people, toiling for many years, fought to make this progress.

More than anything, that’s what’s needed now – the engagement of everyone who wants to see a better future for our children. The kind of collective action that has always driven human progress. And even in the face of cynicism and division, it’s those kinds of stories from 2017 that I’ll remember.”

Obama then writes about three Americans who took the initiative to address crises affecting their communities. In a subtle jab at Trump, Obama calls them ‘2017 stories’. However, these are things Americans have done for centuries. But the stories of the people cited by Obama are inspiring and worth reading (detailed links at the end of this article).

Obama uses those stories as examples to encourage his supporters to carry on in the not-directly-mentioned Trump era.

I saw that spirit all across America in people who chose to get involved, get engaged, and stand up not only to defend their rights, but more importantly, the rights of others. People who rejected cynicism and pessimism and pushed forward with a relentless, infectious optimism. Not a blind optimism that ignores the scale and scope of our challenges, but rather a hard-earned optimism rooted in the stories of real progress.

It’s a belief that each of us can make a difference, and all of us ought to try.”

It is in his summation that Obama inadvertently praises President Trump and his supporters, unintentionally describing precisely how Trump, a political neophyte, instantly connected with supporters and how those energized supporters created the Make American Great Again movement out of nowhere–that changed the country and the world.

You only need one person speaking with conviction, speaking with courage, and yes, with optimism, and you’re going to change some minds.

Those folks won’t just be convinced — they’ll be motivated to go out and spread the message that swayed them. They’ll be its best ambassadors.

And on it goes, one conversation at a time, until you’ve got yourself a movement. A movement that can change the world.”

Obama closes by talking about himself, of course, but with a message of encouragement (for Trump supporters?) for the New Year.

I’ll believe that as long as I live. So go keep changing the world in 2018.


Update: Obama tweeted direct links to the stories of the three inspirational Americans he cited in his statement.

End update.

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