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NBA Coach Unloads on Trump, Says ‘Our Core Values’ as a Nation ‘Are Under Attack’

Posted on 31 December 2017

Guest post by John S. Roberts at Right Observer:

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr must still be upset that President Trump rescinded his team’s White House invite after a number of players said they wouldn’t attend a champions ceremony – as is customary.

Why else would Kerr claim America’s ‘core values’ are ‘under attack’ during 45’s presidency?

From Breitbart:

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has issued a call to action. The NBA champion player and coach believes our nation’s “core values” are under attack, and that it’s time for citizens to do more to fight “propoganda.”

Kerr told USA Today that he believes the principles which formed the basis for the Constitution are not safe. Specifically, Kerr mentioned former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and a recent Twitter post in which she tweeted the preamble to the Constitution.

Kerr said, “There’s absolutely an assault on our institutions and on our core values as a country. [Yates] tweeted the preamble to the Constitution, which really sums up our country. And all those things are kind of under attack right now.”

Yates was fired from her post after she refused to enforce President Trump’s lawful travel restrictions, aimed at protecting American citizens.

The Hill has more:

In September, the team was disinvited from the traditional White House championship celebration by Trump after star player Stephen Curry told reporters that he didn’t want to go.

“We believe there is nothing more American than our citizens having the right to express themselves freely on matters important to them. We’re disappointed that we did not have an opportunity during this process to share our views or have an open dialogue on issues impacting our communities that we felt would be important to raise,” the team said in a statement in September.

Kerr is highly paid, but obviously he can’t buy a clue.

People like him should not be talking about politics.

They know nothing of which they speak!

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