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EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone’s “Strange Bedfellow” Marijuana Coalition Releases Ad Aimed At Sessions

Posted on 31 December 2017

The US Cannabis Coalition has shared a new ad, in which they take aim at Attorney General Jeff Sessions and urge President Donald Trump to stand by his campaign promises of supporting medical marijuana, exclusively to the Gateway Pundit.

“We’re going to end this bullsh-t, and quickly.” Roger Stone told the Gateway Pundit.

The project is a bipartisan effort from a motley crew made up of people like political mastermind Roger Stone, famed trial attorney John Morgan, comedian Bill Maher, Judge Andrew Napolitano, former Executive Director of the American Conservative Union Christian Josi, Guardian Angels Founder and radio personality Curtis Sliwa, libertarian DC power couple Matt and Terry Kibbe, and many others.

The 30-second ad points out President Trump’s previous statements on medical marijuana and the sharp contrast with what Sessions is currently attempting to do.

“Candidate Trump was always very clear in his many promises on medical marijuana. In October of 2015, Trump said at a rally in Nevada ‘the marijuana thing is such a big thing. I think medical should happen’ and then on a Michigan radio station in March of 2016 he said ‘I think that it should be up to the states.’ Trump even went on Fox News during the campaign and said of medical marijuana ‘I’m in favor of it a hundred percent.’ Trump’s support for medical marijuana was unequivocal and considered to be a solemn promise to the voters who put him in office,’” Josi, an advisory board member and Spokesman for the USCC, wrote for the Huffington Post.

“And then came Attorney General Jeff Sessions with his strange mantra. You know the one: ‘Goot peuhpul don’ smoke murrijuana….’” he wrote.

When asked about the strange bedfellows involved in the effort, Josi explained that the issue is something that people on both sides of the aisle — from the far-left to the Tea Party — are quite passionate about.

“It’s a mish-mosh of f-cked up people who happen to be awesome, not all who use marijuana,” Josi told the Gateway Pundit. “My life’s work is to save society as we know it by building bridges, I’ve been doing it forever to great effect. This is why Roger and I work. We are in it to win it. To fight for the right thing. Exhilarating.”

Josi added that “Smart people — caring people — have allegiance to principles, not party or whatever else.”

“I very much understand our president’s loyalty to Mr. Sessions. He came out early for DJT, at a time when he needed it very much,” Josi said. “BUT — the president made it very clear early on the trail that his admin would uphold two of the good things that happened under Obama: medical marijuana and sentencing reform.”

Josi told the Gateway Pundit that he heard that Sessions sent a letter this month to the White House urging a strike on the states that have legalized medical marijuana — and that the administration did not say no, they just told him to hold.

“They must say no,” Josi said. “Jeff Sessions is a stain on this administration and a paleo f-cktard — quote me.”

The organization is currently running a donation drive in an effort to get their latest ad to air on Fox and Friends, where President Trump will be more likely to see it.

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