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Crooked Hillary Posts Carefully Crafted Tweet About Iran Protests – Gets Pummeled by Trump Supporters

Posted on 31 December 2017

The people of Iran are once again rising up against the brutal Khamenei regime.

There are reports of protests in every city.

Brave young, defiant women in Tehran are protesting against the hijab laws.

Hillary Clinton posted a very carefully crafted tweet about the Iran protests which of course prompted Trump supporters to pummel her.

On Saturday the regime mobilized the police and sent out anti-riot forces to crush the protests.

President Trump warned the regime late Friday night – “The World is Watching.”

Several women were left bloodied in the street.
Iranian activist Ahmed Batebi posted this photo on Sunday.
The brave Iranian woman’s face was injured by government repressive forces in the #IranianProtests against the dictatorship and mullahs corrupt regime.
#Gohardasht in #karaj capital of #Alborz Province in #Iran

Hillary Clinton decided to jump in because any time she gets involved things end well for freedom lovers…

Before you read Hillary’s pathetic tweet, this was her reaction to Trump’s rebuke of the Iran nuclear deal just this past October via the Washington Examiner:

Hillary Clinton called President Trump’s decision to disavow the Iran nuclear deal a “major mistake” and described the decision as part of an impulsive pattern that “could prove to be dangerous.”

Clinton told BBC News in an interview that was taped on Friday that Trump’s announcement that same day could lead to a “very dangerous” situation. Trump’s decision on Friday means that Congress has 60 days whether to reimpose economic sanctions on Iran.

“There is no evidence that on the nuclear program Iran has cheated in the agreement that the UK and other powers entered into with Iran,” she said. “Basically for political reasons or for personal reasons, it’s unclear which he is basically throwing open the door to Iran’s nuclear program one more time. I think that is very dangerous.”

Clinton’s successor as secretary of state under former President Barack Obama, John Kerry, led negotiations that resulted in the 2015 deal.

Hillary tweeted, “The Iranian people, especially the young, are protesting for the freedom and future they deserve. I hope their government responds peacefully and supports their hopes.”

Really, Hillary? How many assistants did it take for her to come up with that one?

We all know Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama flooded Iran with billions of dollars and supported the nuke deal.

Trump supporters responded…

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