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Commie Pope Orders “Fruits of War” Cards Printed with Nagasaki Victim on Front

Posted on 31 December 2017

Commie Pope Francis ordered “fruits of war” cards printed with the harrowing image of a boy carrying his dead baby brother on his back.

Pope Francis wants cards be printed and distributed depicting victims of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki — captioned ‘the fruit of war’.

The harrowing image shows a boy carrying his dead brother on his shoulders while waiting in line at a crematorium.

The atom bomb attacks ended World War II — and saved tens of thousands of lives.
And the end of World War II brought freedom and prosperity to millions of human beings.
What is this pope thinking?

The Japanese army was found guilty of tens of thousands of war crimes during World War II. It is strange that this commie pope would not be concerned with the true evil of the Japanese regime.

But for some reason Francis did not choose this photo:

Japanese soldiers use dead Chinese as bayonet practice. (Wikipedia)

Or the mass graves.

Soochow, China, 1938. A ditch full of the bodies of Chinese civilians killed by Japanese soldiers. (Wikipedia)

Or this photo of the execution of an Aussie war prisoner.

An Australian POW, Sgt. Leonard Siffleet, captured in New Guinea, about to be beheaded by a Japanese officer with a guntō, 1943. (Wikipedia)

The pope instead chose a photo of a Japanese child to show his outrage.

This pope is a very dangerous and warped individual.

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