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Christmas Miracle: Trump Gets Liberal NY Times to Embrace Poor FBI Against GOP Attacks

Posted on 25 December 2017

<p>How do you get the liberals at the <em>New York Times</em> to embrace America’s internal surveillance agencies? Get President Trump and Republicans to criticize them. Saturday’s off-lead story by Adam Goldman and Maggie Haberman, “Hurdle Facing F.B.I. Chief? The President – Politics hard to Avoid as Trump Weighs In.” The jump-page headline: “F.B.I. Director Wants To Move Agency Ahead, But Trump is in the Way.” The text box: “Constant criticisms have damaged morale at the bureau.” That’s pretty bold, since it’s pretty much the paper’s <em>raison d’etre</em> to demoralize U.S. intelligence agencies by printing leaked classified documents, from the Pentagon Papers to the exposure of a legal terrorist-fighting banking surveillance program, SWIFT, to WikiLeaks. Yet the <em>Times </em>was undaunted in blaming Republicans for somehow demoralizing the powerful federal law and security agency.</p>