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WATCH CNN HACK Goad TX Governor on Trump’s Hurricane Response — And FAIL Miserably

Posted on 31 August 2017

CNN Hack Alisyn Camerota interviewed Texas Governor Greg Abbott and attempted to get him to criticize President Trump’s visit to Texas.

Abbott will have none of it!

Camerota starts with a typical question, “Tell us about the president’s visit to the state.  Tell us what he accomplished.”  Abbott responded with nothing but praise for President Trump  who assured him that help is ready for Texas and the victims.  That’s when Camerota took on the typical liberal mantra of criticizing POTUS Trump.

Camerota–  “When you talk about his compassion, obviously there was some criticism today that he didn’t talk enough about the victims, that he didn’t reach out enough”..

Abbott — ” Well I know that he talked to me at length about the victims. And about the devastation that he saw and what the people were going through.”

Even the CNN banner at the bottom of the screen read: “Trump visits Texas, doesn’t mention victims.”

Undeterred, Camerota pushed on.

Camerota — “Did you want him to call on, to put out the word for more help?”

Abbott– “We talked about where do we go from here to take care of the challenges Texans will be facing for months to come”

Camerota — “The Pentagon says the US Government has 30,000 troops at the ready, ready to serve Texas and are just waiting for the green light from you to send them.  Are you giving them the green light?”

Abbott — “Sure, its hard for you all to know what goes on ehind the scenes, let me bring you up to date…”

Governor Abbott then proceeded to inform Camerota all that is in the works.   Of course, she can’t help but mention that Mexico also has troops at the ready to help.  Before ending the interview, Camerota let Governor Abbott know when he is ready for the extra resources to let CNN know and they will help get the word out!  Such wonderful humanitarians at CNN!


Watch interviews beginning at 41:11

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