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Hacker Publishes Reagan Battalion Founder’s SICKENING Alleged Search History

Posted on 31 August 2017

The search queries of the Reagan Battalion’s founder have allegedly been released by a hacker following the unmasking of the folks behind the shadowy #NeverTrump operation.

For those of you who don’t know, the Reagan Battalion is an anonymous group that pretends to be operating with the conservative interest in mind – has had a busy year. You may remember that back in February they launched a vicious smear campaign against Pro-Trump activist, Milo Yiannopoulos. Their campaign against him involved an edited video that managed to lose him his book deal, speaking engagement at CPAC, and ultimately caused him to resign from sooner than expected.

Since all of this hit the fan, the Reagan Battalion began getting linked to far-left and alt-left, George Soros-funded PACs.

Recently, the Reagan Battalion attacked paleoconservative pundit Nicholas J. Fuentes – from doxing to bullying to trying to get him fired, the Reagan Battalion has been malicious. View Nick’s commentary below (starts around the 5:40 mark):

TGP’s Lucian Wintrich reported back on August 27th that the identity of the Reagan Battalion’s founder is none other than Benny Polatseck. Read the full article here for the full story.

Now, a hacker claims to have found the Internet search history of Mr. Polatseck and what was found is extremely disturbing:

Some of the content includes searches reading: “BABY TWINKS SEDUCED” “public bus porn” “movies about melostation [sic]” “molost [sic] porn” “BABY FACE TWEEN PORN” “BABY BOY PORN” “buy a girl online” “buy a girl” “buy a baby” “massage therapy in new jersey open late” and “can eating lots of sugar lower testotrone [sic]?”

Go to the Pastebin link here for more content, and if that should fail, go to the archived version here.

For more info on Reagan Battalion and their leader, watch the following video:

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