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BOOM! Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer Slams ‘Idiot’ James Clapper’s Response to POTUS Trump’s PHX Rally (VIDEO)

Posted on 23 August 2017

On Wednesday, Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer ripped into James Clapper over the former DNI Chief’s interview he gave to CNN. Following President Trump’s powerhouse rally in Phoenix, Clapper told CNN he found the speech “extremely disturbing” and even suggested the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t have the “fitness” for office. Shaffer replied by calling Clapper an ‘idiot’ and a ‘political bot.’

Mediaite reports:

Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence who has served under the four presidents preceding Trump, made a grave appearance on CNN following Trump’s Tuesday night rally, in which he called the president’s rambling 78-minute stream of consciousness speech “extremely disturbing” and questioned Trump’s “fitness” for office.

That charge did not sit well with Fox & Friends’Brian Kilmeade who accused Clapper of never having “any energy.” (While Trump spent much of his Phoenix speech attacking the “sick” and “crooked” media, he lavished Kilmeade’s Fox News show with praise.)

“What a shot across the bow and an insult to the president!” Kilmeade lamented.

And Shaffer agreed.

“Apparently Jim Clapper is now a is a PhD in analyzing people remotely,” Shaffer quipped, before positing “Jim Clapper is an idiot.”

“I’ve briefed that man several times,” Shaffer continued. “When I briefed him on very complex operations, you can see this vacant look, he just doesn’t get stuff.”

Shaffer then accused Clapper of becoming “a political bot.”

Clapper isn’t the only one to get spanked for his response to President Trump’s Phoenix rally. CNN’s Don Lemon got his share of heat, as well.

CNN’s Don Lemon absolutely melted down after President Trump gave his speech at the Phoenix rally Tuesday evening. Lemon went on and on in an unhinged rant and Trump supporters on Twitter absolutely destroyed him.

Don Lemon accused Trump of lying to the American people by eclipsing facts. He also compared Trump to a child who blames everyone else. Lemon accused Trump of being unhinged and insane.

President Trump slammed CNN in his speech in Phoenix and the Trump supporter chanted ‘CNN Sucks!’. Lemon just can’t handle the truth.

Watch Don Lemon come unhinged in the video below:

Don Lemon got savaged by Trump supporters:

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