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Lenin’s log exposed in ‘Hammer and Sickle’ ballet

Posted on 17 July 2017

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Lenin's log exposed in 'Hammer and Sickle' ballet

In the video below, the 'Hammer & Sickle' ballet begins with Russian peasant women in ugly masks crawling on their knees and sowing the fields. At some point these oppressed crones rise up and start running around while shaking their hands in the air, Flat-Fatima-style, as if screaming, "woe is me." But soon it occurs to them that the best way to make their need of liberation known is by doing the high kick dance.

Those routines quickly summon the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Lenin, in his signature vest and cap. The great friend of the oppressed masses promenades onto the stage with a brisk series of sautés, jetés, and pirouettes, letting everyone know that he is the boss in that joint.

The female peasants get the idea and prostrate on the floor as a gesture of submission to his alpha-male dominance. But as Lenin gives them no attention and continues his alternative-lifestyle pirouettes, the women begin to move their arms on the floor, presumably mass-manufacturing pussyhats and vagina costumes for the next rally against sexism and inequality.

Just as the revolutionary womenfolk leave all at once to join the working class at the factories behind the curtain, three bumbling male workers dance onto the stage, trying but failing to perform some simple task of operating invisible shovels. Overwhelmed with their own incompetence, they give up and join Lenin's dance of the revolution. With a signature gesture, Lenin takes off his famous cap and reveals his renowned bold head to the masses. Staying behind Lenin, the three dancing workers perform several revolutionary pirouettes followed by "bras d'honneur," better known in the non-ballet crowd as the "Italian salute" or "up yours."

The cisgendered male workers then get chased away from ... read more ... Statistics : 4 Replies || 214 Views Post by Red Square

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