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Jezebel: No One ‘Gives A S**t About Children’ In Trump’s America

Posted on 31 July 2017

Ah, Jezebel. In a society where children don’t sing on the streets for their dinner, the phrase “neo-Dickensian” doesn’t really apply. However, contributor Sarah Seltzer found it relevant in light of the Republican attempt to overturn Obamacare. After all, in her opinion, these times are “bloated by economic and social inequality.”

In her Jezebel article, “We’ve Stopped Even Pretending to Care About Children,” published Friday, Seltzer stated that, “This year, my first year as a mother, my first in Trump’s America, I realized that as a culture, we’ve given up even the pretense that we give a shit about children.”

Yikes. Coming from a website that has in the past advocated abortion countless times, the article read like an artificial attempt to make pro-choice people seem like the good guys when it comes to children.

While she was justifiably disturbed by incidents where toddlers shoot themselves accidentally with guns left lying around their houses, she included these horrible tragedies along with the supposed loss of LGBT rights. Seltzer was upset because there are children “whose gay parents can’t adopt them.” She didn’t forget about the LGBT kids either, who are “suffering” because their “civil rights are being ignored or denied.” In her mind, these civil rights violations were just as bad as a toddler dying because of a gun accident.

But then, she argued, “Our society has always been sick.” This fact is grounded on the argument that the United States is a “nation that routinely bombs foreign kids and was founded on human bondage.” Which begs the question: When has the United States gone out of its way to specifically “bomb foreign kids?”

Instead, she chose to smear the pro-life community. To her, they are guilty of “pushing onward with their narrow agenda” without advocating “family values.” Regardless of the fact that the pro-life community has consistently advocated for traditional marriage, large families and proper education.

There’s a real problem, in her mind, because “the same folks who used to claim families need nurturing mothers at their core actually hate the shit out of us, and our kids.” These people who apparently “hate” her are the ones who are targeting “reproductive rights,” which supposedly impedes the planning of families. Ah yes. Abortion helps families grow.

Instead, one should endorse Obamacare in order to really be “pro-child.” Seltzer begged her readers to “think of children with pre-existing conditions whose medicaid coverage, or life-time caps, are likely to get gutted by Republicans.” And if you really want to be concerned, you should think about “the kids whose moms still die in childbirth in this country at rates far higher than any other in the developed world.”

Coming from an author who has advocated abortion in so many of her pieces, it’s insanely hypocritical. She praised Shonda Rhimes’ abortion episode in the television series Scandal, and she also wanted mothers whose unborn children were diagnosed with Zika virus to choose abortions.  She also called President Donald Trump a “partial birth abortion” before he was elected. Yikes.

Yes, Ms. Seltzer. Please think of the (unborn) children.