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Sheriff Arpaio Found Guilty by Clinton-Appointed Judge in Jury-Less Trial – Faces Six Months in Jail

Posted on 31 July 2017

Bill Clinton-appointed U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, slammed Arpaio with a guilty ruling after leftist groups spent nearly a decade …

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ESPN Throws Political Curve Ball Into Pudge Hall Of Fame Coverage

Posted on 31 July 2017

ESPN continues its trend of injecting left-wing politics into its coverage of events in the sporting world. This time, the network decided to add its political two cents to its coverage of MLB legend Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez’ induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This is how ESPN Deportes’ Enrique Rojas opened a ludicrous column titled “Pudge Rodríguez: The Last Puerto Rican In Cooperstown?”

The veteran catcher Ivan Rodriguez, who is part of the Class of 2017 of the Hall of Fame in cooperstown, could be the last Puerto Rican to enter baseball’s most sacred quarter in the United States.

This would happen if the intent of a political group on the island which seeks to convert Puerto Rico in the 51st state of the United States comes to fruition. Rodriguez is a member of a commission created by the Puerto Rican government to promote the idea of  ‘statehood’ before the United States Congress. (This is) a plan that would basically obliterate the concept of “Puerto Rican” as we currently know it.

ESPN’s alienation of its viewers due to left-wing political bias is a matter of record, but this virus now seems to have spread to Deportes. There is no other way to explain an article that hijacks a Hall of Famer’s induction in order to put him on the spot over a personal political position that is disfavored by the left…in this case, Rodriguez’ advocacy in support of the admission of Puerto Rico as the 51st state of the Union.

The left, in this case, favors a romantic notion of independence for Puerto Rico- the highest expression of which is the outright worship of FALN bombmaker Oscar López Rivera. Anyone who does not fall in line with this vision for Puerto Rico’s future is ostracized by the leftist media, and their accomplishment takes a back seat to ideology.

Rojas attempts to deligitimize Rodriguez’ advocacy by suggesting that Puerto Rican identity would somehow vanish upon admission to the United States, which in itself suggests that this identity is solely contingent upon maintaining a political status separate from the United States. Had Rojas bothered to explore the post-statehood identity question with any one of Pudge’s fans in Arlington, Texas, he would have quickly learned that that dog don’t hunt. Rojas’ “last Puerto Rican” point does not survive even the slightest scrutiny.

Not only is the concept of Rodríguez as “the last Puerto Rican” a fallacy…it is also irrelevant to the question of his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Rodríguez, the best defensive catcher of all time if not the outright GOAT, was ultimately inducted as a Texas Ranger. There is no separate Hispanic wing of the Hall of Fame, so questions surrounding Puerto Rico’s status are not germane to the issue of Pudge’s play.  

Rodríguez is guilty of nothing more than exercising his uniquely American right to petition government for redress of grievances on behalf of over 3 million U.S. citizens currently living on the island of Puerto Rico, a majority of which desire to throw off the island’s current colonial bonds in order to enter into the fullness of American citizenship with all rights and responsibilities. 

Given ESPN’s virtuous championing of those who fight for equality, you’d think that Rodriguez would draw far better coverage. Unfortunately, some equalities are more equal than others.







AMC's 'Preacher' Introduces Radical Dan Brown-esque Version of Christianity

Posted on 31 July 2017

We’re past the point for me to say AMC’s Preacher has jumped the shark in terms of Christianity, but that certainly doesn’t stop the show from trying. This latest episode just introduced a background for Jesus Christ so crazy that Dan Brown’s asking questions.

The July 31st episode “Pig” features a look into the white-clad, violent religious organization known as The Grail that seems to be following and hunting Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) on his search for God. After a series of trials shown in a flashback, the group welcomes their newest recruit Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) to their mission to…well, let them explain it. I can’t type and roll my eyes at the same time.

Saltonstall: Welcome to The Grail.

Herr Starr: “The Grail”?

Saltonstall: Please, Herr Starr, have a seat. For over 2,000 years, this organization has been at the very heart of world affairs. What do you think is the source of our enduring power?

Herr Starr: I would imagine a combination of economic influence and sexual blackmail.

Saltonstall: Some, of course. But the true inspiration of our authority is… Christ. ♪♪

Herr Starr: Hmm.

Saltonstall: You seem disappointed.

Herr Starr: I was hoping for something more in the vein of atomic warfare, not myths and legends.

Saltonstall: This is no myth. Christ lives on.

Herr Starr: Yes, yes, he lives in our hearts.

Saltonstall: No, Herr Starr. Christ lives in a top-secret location guarded by machine guns.

Herr Starr: Does he?

Saltonstall: Yes. You see, before he sacrificed himself for our sins, our Lord gave a final gift to humanity — he fathered a child. For generations, The Grail has protected this holy lineage in preparation for one event — The End Of The World. Only God knows exactly when, but it will be soon. We have been assured from sources at the highest levels. And The Grail will be ready. And at the exact moment that hope is abandoned, our Savior will reveal Himself to the frightened masses.

Herr Starr: Ingenious. The world on its knees, begging for direction like the ugly girl at a gang bang.

Saltonstall: Your uniform. Some of the men find it a bit… Flamboyant.

Herr Starr: It’s… Spectacular.

Way to bury all sense of religious credibility. Now it seems I’m no longer watching a gory irreverent show that disrespects everything Christianity stands for, but a gory, irreverent show that disrespects everything Christianity stands for with its own biblical history. Things were so much simpler when they were just smoking Bible pages.

It’s nothing really new since liberals have been parading false religious doctrine for years, mostly under The DaVinci Code. Anything that remotely undermines that whole Jesus dying on the cross for our sins scenario seems fair game for the mainstream. Then again, even without that backstory, the show would be pretending that a deadly, world-ending group would have anything to do with Christianity in the first place. I’m beginning to think Preacher doesn’t care much for religion.

ESPN lanza curva política a cobertura de Ivan 'Pudge' Rodríguez

Posted on 31 July 2017

ESPN sigue con su costumbre de inyectar políticas de izquierda a su cobertura de eventos en el mundo del deporte. En esta ocasión, la cadena decidió aportar opiniones a su cobertura de la inducción al Salón de la Fama del Beisbol del receptor legendario Iván “Pudge Rodríguez”.

Así comienza la columna ridícula y viciada de Enrique Rojas para ESPN Deportes, titulada: “Pudge Rodríguez: ¿Último puertorriqueño de Cooperstown?”

COOPERSTOWN — El antiguo receptor Iván Rodríguez, quien forma parte de la clase del 2017 del Salón de la Fama de Cooperstown, podría ser el último puertorriqueño que entre al recinto más sagrado del béisbol en los Estados Unidos.

Eso ocurriría si se concreta la intención de un grupo político de la isla que busca convertir a Puerto Rico en el estado #51 de Estados Unidos. Rodríguez es miembro de la comisión creada por el gobierno boricua para promover ante el congreso de la unión estadounidense la idea de la ‘estadidad’. Un plan que básicamente haría desaparecer el concepto “puertorriqueño” como lo conocemos actualmente.

La pérdida de televidentes de la cadena ESPN debido a su sesgo de izquierda es cuestión de hecho, pero ahora vemos cómo este virus infecta a Deportes. No hay otra manera de explicar un artículo y una entrevista que intenta secuestrar la inducción al Salón de la Fama de una leyenda del béisbol para tratar de ponerlo en evidencia debido a una preferencia política personal desfavorecida por la izquierda…en particular, la postura de Rodríguez a favor de la admisión de Puerto Rico a la Unión Americana como el Estado 51.

La izquierda, en este caso, favorece una noción romántica de independencia para Puerto Rico- cuya mayor expresión suele degenerar en adulación para el terrorista convicto de las FALN Oscar López Rivera. Cualquiera que no cierre filas con esta visión para el futuro de Puerto Rico es condenado al ostracismo por la prensa de izquierda, y sus logros pasan a segundo plano después de sus ideologías.

Rojas intenta deligitimizar el activismo de Rodríguez al sugerir que la identidad puertorriqueña de alguna manera desaparecería de ser admitida la Isla como el Estado 51, lo cual en sí sugiere que esta identidad está contingente a que Puerto Rico permanezca en un estatus separado de los Estados Unidos. Si Rojas se hubiese molestado en explorar la cuestión de la identidad de un lugar después de la estadidad con algunos de los tantos fanáticos de Rodríguez en Arlington, Texas, hubiese descubierto rápidamente que el punto de “el último boricua” no sobrevive el más mínimo escrutinio. 

Además de ser falacia la noción de Pudge como “el último boricua”, también es irrelevante a la cuestión de su inducción al Salón de la Fama. Rodríguez, el mejor receptor defensivo si no el mejor de todos los tiempos, fue exaltado como Vigilante de Texas, No hay ala hispana separada en el Salón de la Fama, así que los cuestionamientos con respecto a Rodríguez y el estatus de Puerto Rico no son pertinentes.

El único pecado de Pudge es de ejercer su derecho absoluto, como ciudadano estadounidense, de peticionar a su gobierno para la rectificación de agravios a nombre de más de tres millones de ciudadanos estadounidenses en la Isla de Puerto Rico, la mayoría de los cuales desean quitarse el yugo colonial de encima para entrar en la plenitud de la ciudadanía americana con el pleno goce de todos los derechos y responsabilidades concomitantes.

Dado el énfasis virtuoso que ESPN da a quienes luchan por la igualdad, uno pensaría que Rodríguez recibiría mejor cobertura. Lamentablemente, algunas igualdades son más iguales que las demás. 




Univision es consistente en sus pregones de Obamacare

Posted on 31 July 2017

A nadie sorprende que Univision persista en darle cobertura favorable a Obamacare. Tampoco sorprende que la cadena persista en hacerlo sin molestarse en presentar una perspectiva contraria.

Así cubrió el Noticiero Univision la Moción para Abrir el Debate con respecto a Obamacare, según transmitida este 25 de julio.

Univision ha tenido un antecedente extenso de cabildeo a favor de la controvertida ley mejor conocida como Ombamacare, y MRC Latino ha fiscalizado esta relación desde sus principios. Como dijera el Director Ken Oliver-Méndez. Segón Oliver,

El Fideocomiso de California, cuyo logo aparece en el anuncio, funge como un túnel financiero para esta sociedad, y el año pasado firmó un convenio con Univision por $20 millones de dólares para su campaña de inscripción para Obamacare “multiplataforma”, según informó Kaiser News. Aún está por revelarse si la serie nueva de anuncios está ligada o no a un nuevo acuerdo multimillonario entre las dos organizaciones.

La parcialidad en la cobertura noticiosa de Obamacare en Univision ha sido un problema crónico en la cadena, según el estudio Los Medios en el Balance, publicado en abril del 2014 por el Media Research Center. El análisis de contenido del noticiero principal de la cadena, Noticiero Univision, arrojó que durante el transcurso de custro meses, los defensores liberales de Obamacare fueron citados con una frecuencia cinco veces mayor que a sus opositores.

Poco ha cambiado tras tres años y una elección presidencial. La cadena principal de habla hispana en los Estados Unidos sigue ofreciendo pocas perspectivas de oposición a la legislación de legado del presidente Barack Obama, aún cuando sus mandatos onerosos provocan la implosión del mercado de seguros de salud.

Fiel al formato, la nota se Salinas cierra con la mención de los “millones” ayudados por Obamacare, sin decir ni pío de los millones sobre millones que perdieron su médico, que fueron obligados a perder sus buenos planes primarios para entrar en planes inferiores con cuotas y deducibles mucho más altos, o que perdieron sus empleos debido a los mandatos onerosos de la ley.

Hasta que eso cambie, los televidentes de Univision no pueden confiar en la cadena para darles cobertura creíble sobre Obamacare, y eso es una verdadera lástima.




Pundits Baffled on Who Leaked Air Force One Discussion to Liberal Anti-Trump Media

Posted on 31 July 2017

Tonight’s latest leak comes to you from Air Force One and the often misleading Washington Post— According to anonymous sources flying …

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REPORT: POTUS Preparing For “Independent WH” – “Warfare Against GOP Congress”

Posted on 31 July 2017

On the same day that Anthony Scaramucci was removed as White House Communications Director, leaks have been flowing out of …

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POTUS TRUMP Must Demand Lie Detector Testing of All Top Level Employees and Move from White House Immediately

Posted on 31 July 2017

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH– In President Donald Trump’s first 126 days in office, from January 20 to May 25, there were …

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NEW LEAK – FROM ON AIR FORCE ONE: Trump Reportedly Helped Eldest Son with Statement on Meeting with Russian Lawyer

Posted on 31 July 2017

Tonight’s latest leak comes to you from Air Force One and the often misleading Washington Post— According to anonymous sources …

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FAIL=> Imran Awan’s Smashed Hard-Drives Most Likely Already Recovered and Read by Law Enforcement

Posted on 31 July 2017

As previously reported exclusively by The Daily Caller, “FBI agents seized smashed computer hard-drives from the home of Florida Democrat Rep. …

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AP Plays Up Transgender Soldier's 'Uncertainty' After Trump's Tweet

Posted on 31 July 2017

On Monday, Julie Watson and Christoph Noelting of the Associated Press spotlighted the plight of Captain Jonathan Sims, an officer in the U.S. Army who came out as transgender in April 2017. The two journalists hyped how Captain Sims, who now goes by the name “Jennifer,” felt “unease” and “uncertainty” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s Twitter post on Wednesday announcing he would reinstate the military’s ban on transgenders. The pair cited sympathetic family members and colleagues of the serviceman, but failed to include any quotes from supporters of the President’s policy proposal.

Watson and Noelting led their item, “‘I am transgender’: A US soldier shares personal journey,” with an account of how Captain Sims sent an e-mail to “200 fellow troops” in April 2017 that disclosed his transgender identification. The two correspondents underlined that “the April 13 email officially ended the secret that burned inside Capt. Jennifer Sims, who was known as Jonathan Sims. But the feeling of relief swiftly turned to unease last week after President Donald Trump tweeted that transgender people were no longer welcome in the U.S. military.”

The army officer, who is currently stationed in Germany, emphasized that President Trump’s social media posts were “devastating because I still have work to do and here I am reading basically what sounds like the president of the United States — who is the commander in chief, he is the ultimate boss of the military — telling me and anybody else that is transgender that we are fired.” He added that “in the initial moments after the tweet, I saw myself forced into the state that I was in before I started transitioning — a state of depression, exhaustion and inability to enjoy things.”

The two AP journalists pointed out that Mr. Trump’s “reversal of the Obama administration policy that allows transgender people to serve openly and receive military medical coverage for transitioning from one gender to another also could affect her physically. Sims has been on hormone therapy by her military doctor since November. If she interrupts the treatment, her body will revert to being male.” They continued with a sympathetic three-paragraph summary of the captain’s life that noted that “Sims, a high school football player, never felt comfortable being male. The son and grandson of military veterans quietly came to terms with identifying as a woman a year after joining the Army R.O.T.C.”

Watson and Noelting then highlighted that “after the Defense Department announced in 2015 that it was considering allowing transgender troops to serve openly, Sims told…[his] parents. When the policy became official in June 2016, Sims said she felt the meaning of the word freedom personally after spending years fighting for it for her country.” They also included several quotes from Captain Brandon Shorter, a colleague of Captain Sims, who was initially “at a loss for words” after the April 2017 e-mail, but later “texted Sims about how that was brave.”

The two Associated Press correspondents later underlined that Captain Shorter “describes himself as conservative…[and] struggles with his beliefs about what’s appropriate.” However, they quickly added that the military officer “speaking on his own behalf and not that of the Army, said he would be ‘incredibly disappointed’ if Sims were kicked out.” The pair also included that “after Trump’s tweet, a few soldiers, including Shorter, asked Sims how she was doing. She didn’t know what to say.

Just three paragraphs before the end of the report, Watson and Noelting disclosed that Captain Sims’s “pills will run out in three months. Doctors recommend 12 months of hormone therapy before surgery. The cost of her surgery can run close to $50,000, which Sims was expecting the military would help cover.” They let the transgender serviceman give one final personal lament about the situation: “‘I had waited so long just to be able to tell the world this is who I am,’ Sims said.”

Nets Barely Notice Venezuela’s Vote for Dictatorship

Posted on 31 July 2017

Venezuela’s president held a sham election on July 30 that created an assembly out of his own supporters, to bypass that country’s elected representatives and rewrite the constitution.

But, inexcusably, the broadcast networks seem to be going out of their way to avoid reporting on this glaring example of how socialism inevitably turns out, if it’s allowed to continue unchecked.

Venezuela is the third-largest supplier of oil to the United States, and is now poised to become a resource-rich totalitarian regime, unnervingly close to the United States. More than 140 people have died in protests in the last four months alone, according to NBC Nightly News, as President Nicolás Maduro continues to solidify his hold on the country.

Faced with the possibility of starvation, a growing number of Venezuelans have been applying for asylum in the United States, while others are streaming across the border into Colombia. Alarmed by the unrest, the State Department has issued a warning, asking U.S. citizens not to travel to the country.

Monday’s ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today completely ignored Maduro’s vote to rewrite the Venezuelan constitution. While World News Tonight did briefly cover the vote (for 37 seconds), it did so without using the word “socialist” – an indefensible trend the broadcast has kept up at least since former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s death in March of 2013.

Even worse, the brief failed to mention any of the rampant poverty, brutal crackdowns or any other regime abuses. Instead, it focused mainly on violence by an “enraged” opposition. Instead, it ended by mentioning how “opposition leaders” say Maduro is “looking to install an autocratic system,” but with no reference to the series of steps he’s already taken to do just that.

Meanwhile, Today has yet to cover Venezuela’s problems at all in 2017, and all Good Morning America coverage for the year combined still comes in at under a minute (56 seconds).

The CBS Evening News on July 30 was preempted by golf, but the July 29 broadcast also failed to mention the upcoming vote. The day after the vote, July 31, neither ABC’s Good Morning America or NBC’s Today even referenced this at all.

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To their credit, both NBC Nightly News and CBS This Morning recognized the seriousness of this vote, each running full reports. But, in doing so, they proved the hypocrisy of the shows that failed to report on what at least some journalists agree to be an important issue.

On NBC Nightly News on July 30, anchor Jose Diaz-Balart recognized that, “the country with the largest oil reserves on earth held a special election that critics say could lead to a dictatorship.” After pointing out that the “all of the candidates today are Maduro supporters, including his wife and son,” Diaz-Balart noted that “The U.S. and other countries around the world have condemned today’s election.”

CBS This Morning mentioned that “demonstrators believe the election continues to hurtle the country toward dictatorship with president Nicolás Maduro and his socialist party at the helm,” although correspondent Manuel Bojorquez only indirectly blamed socialism for the “falling oil prices coupled with skyrocketing inflation” that are crippling the Venezuelan economy.

The problems in Venezuela that are now coming to a head have been building for years. As Margaret Thatcher famously noted on this topic, “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” With poverty so extreme that citizens are rationing toilet paper, the situation is ripe for the strong man takeover that Maduro is orchestrating. In a 2016 recap of an evergreen 1995 essay, Mark J. Perry of the American Enterprise Institute referred to the socialism as a “pyramid scheme” that “promised, prosperity, equality and security” while “it delivered poverty, misery, and tyranny.” That is exactly what we’re seeing play out in Venezuela.

WashPost Goes for a Ride Touting Hezbollah as Terrorism Fighters

Posted on 31 July 2017

The Washington Post published a story Sunday featuring a pathetic a tour of sorts backed by the US-designated terrorist group Hezbollah. With no counterbalance to the propaganda-laced piece, titled “Hezbollah takes journalists in Lebanon on a tour to prove Trump wrong,” the article was anything but news.

“On tour with Hezbollah in Lebanon, where they’re out to show that they, not Trump, are the ones fighting terrorism,” Beirut chief Liz Sly tweeted with a link to the story, which she wrote with fellow correspondents Suzan Haidamous and Heba Habib.

Saturday’s tour consisted of the terrorist group showing “a party of journalists on a tour that helped explain, trumpeting the results of the militia’s recent fight against Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate in barren mountains near the northeastern Lebanese town of Arsal,” the piece stated.

They added: “Hezbollah officials said they took journalists on the tour to demonstrate that Hezbollah, not the United States, is the one doing most of the fighting against terrorism.” 

Though the article acknowleged Hezbollah is backed by Iran, it failed to mention its dirty work outside of Lebanon, such as backing Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s genocidal civil war and threatening its neighbor Israel. Instead, the piece quoted Mohammed Afif, who said: “We are the force that fights terrorism while the United States continues to support terrorism in many forms.”

The authors tied Afif’s remark to imply that “a two-week offensive by Hezbollah in the Arsal area that drove out scores of al-Qaeda-affiliated fighters belonging to the group known as Jabhat al-Nusra, as well as well as several hundred former Free Syrian Army rebels — whose allies until recently had received support from the United States” is an accomplishment, when it is actually just one terrorist group combating others in what is a regional power vacuum.

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The piece noted the tour consisted of exploring Bekaa Valley, even going “within 200 yards of Syria before being hurriedly turned around by Hezbollah guides.” Maybe the terrorist group, to prevent a PR nightmare, did not want to show its support for Assad. “Nowhere was there any evidence of the Lebanese state, which has struggled to assert its role in the years since the 1975-1990 civil war saw the country overrun by scores of private militias,” omitting the country’s militia battles in the mid-2000s.

Moreover, the article consisted of this sentence: “There is no sign of its Lebanese equivalent.” Of course, because Hezbollah controls the government, led by allies such as Lebanese presdient Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri, with a farcical opposition.

“As the sun set over the mountains where the final battle will be fought, Afif, the Hezbollah spokesman, announced the conclusion of the tour, apologizing to the journalists who had gotten lost and reminding them of the purpose of the visit,” the piece concluded. “‘We are the ones defeating terrorism,’ he said. ‘The Americans and their allies are the ones who are supporting terrorism, and they are the last ones who should be criticizing Hezbollah.'”

Hezbollah should be the last ones criticizing terrorism, which is their craft. Mixing propaganda and news is a recipe for publishing just the former—which the Washington Post concocted for a terrorist group whose leader said the US is the “mother of terrorism” and that its ally Israel is “the state of the grandsons of apes and pigs – the Zionist Jews.”

Slate: Trump's MS-13 Rhetoric Similar to Lynch-Mob Sympathizers

Posted on 31 July 2017

To vociferously oppose MS-13 is to, in so many words, descend from the rhetorical lineage of lynch-mob sympathizers in the Jim Crow south. So says Slate’s Jamelle Bouie in his Thursday piece “Make America Afraid Again”:

“Rhetorically, Trump’s Youngstown speech recalls the openly racist language found in the early 20th century among white reporters, pamphleteers, and politicians who expressed the prejudices of the era. In Southern newspapers, for example, writers described the alleged crimes of black offenders with gruesome and sensational detail, usually to justify lynchings and other forms of extrajudicial violence.”

Except it’s totally different. The attempt at thoroughfare between lynch-justifying southern Democrats and those who berate the actions of a gang whose brutal crimes were only possible by a refusal to enforce existing immigration law borders on the moral criminalization of believing in national sovereignty.

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As The Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley pointed out in his book False Black Power?, the perpetuation of racial politics in the United States relies and inherently profits upon a “backwards-looking racial narrative” that dredges through the annals of past racial injustice to link today’s GOP, via rhetoric, policy, or ruminations about the “Southern Strategy” with (Democrat) conservatives of the past who opposed integration and supported slavery.

To be sure, America has not been, and likely will never be, expunged of individual bigots, racists, and society’s true deplorables. But the moral equivocation between the most horrific acts of America’s history and current policy debates seems a cheap tactic to force modern political actors into avatars of either Martin Luther King or Strom Thurmond. And don’t dare bring it up, unless you’d like to end up cast in moral air with the latter.

Trump has certainly said and done things that have evoked (warranted) criticism from many of his peers on the right. It seems, however, that racialism and identity politics has become so politically profitable for the Left that lurid analogies like Mr. Bouie’s undermine other, more salient criticisms

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: Any Network That Hires Spicer Is Hypocritical

Posted on 31 July 2017

The fallout from last week’s departure of Sean Spicer as White House press secretary and Reince Priebus as chairman of the Republican National Committee spilled into MSNBC’s liberal programming on Sunday. Our friends at Mediaite found that one-time weekday host Thomas Roberts — now a weekend host — made a harsh assertion about Spicer’s future during an edition of MSNBC Live.

“What hypocrites any broadcast network will be if they hire him,” the fill-in anchor stated after a discussion about what Spicer will do “with his newfound free time.”

It all began when Roberts pointed to the “deep ties” Priebus and Spicer have with Republicans in Washington, D.C., including their efforts to groom “a lot of these officials to get there.”

With the two leaders “gone, is the establishment kind of training wheels of a Spicer and a Priebus off the Trump bus, to get anything done that we expected them to do?” the anchor asked. “What’s going to happen now with General John Kelly that doesn’t have these deep policy ties?”

The answer came from former Republican Congressman David Jolly (Fl.), who stated that Kelly has ties to Capitol Hill since he was a Marine Corps lieutenant colonel and a liaison to many people there.

“To your point,” Jolly continued: “Listen, this is Donald Trump pushing away the establishment; he embraced them briefly.”

He also noted:

I would also say that if you look at Priebus and you look at Spicer, and we know they had impossible jobs, but they didn’t do it. They were bad at their jobs.

Priebus did not get a legislative agenda done even though Donald Trump stood in his way every step of the way. Spicer became a lampoon on Saturday Night Live. They were the JV (Junior Varsity team).

Instead, “General John Kelly is varsity; he is the all-pro; he is the Peyton Manning” (the very successful and popular quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts National Football League team), Jolly claimed.

“What to look for going forward is this: The final fate of John Kelly ultimately will be the litmus test for Donald Trump’s seriousness to govern,” the Republican panelist continued. “If he does not listen to the likes of John Kelly, then we are really done with this administration.”

“This is the last, best hope for Donald Trump: a serious state general like John Kelly,” Jolly concluded.

Roberts responded: “Well, if they did have a plan for the honeymoon period of the first six months, Priebus and Spicer could have been the pawns, and now with the general coming in, we could see things shake up.”

“I just want to say we did all this reporting and reading about Spicer taking jobs or, you know, the next jobs and interviews around town,” the host continued, “what hypocrites any broadcast network will be if they hire him.”

As NewsBusters previously reported, Spicer blasted the press while a guest on May 1’s CBS This Morning:

We go up there every day armed with a set of facts we have, and sometimes it becomes a game of gotcha, which is someone comes in and says: “Well, I know this instead.”

If that’s the game, it’s who can stump the chump, then that’s not really an exercise in trying to get to the bottom of a situation.

Of course, Spicer was often hammered by liberals, including Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball program, who called any of his news conferences a “clown show” and claimed on Tuesday, June 20, that the rumors of his “imminent demise for months was like Generalissimo Franco,” the Spanish dictator who was the target of ongoing jokes in the early days of NBC’s Saturday Night Live program.

On the following day, Spicer returned fire during an interview with Republican radio host Laura Ingraham when he lambasted the opposition party that he faces at the Briefing Room podium as wannabe “YouTube stars” thirsting for “getting their clip on air” tussling with Spicer.

However, not long after Spicer resigned on Friday, July 21, CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta broke the news by calling the network’s Inside Politics program and stating that Spicer “was raked over the coals publicly” on Saturday Night Live while reporters hammered him constantly.

In addition, the editors at The New York Times took advantage of Spicer’s departure to post a fiery op-ed article. Their outright written attack on the former press secretary left nothing to the imagination for their contempt of him, noting that he was “not loved by reporters” because he banned live audio and video recordings by news outlets from press briefings.

While the future of Reince Preibus wasn’t discussed during Monday’s MSNBC segment, it undoubtedly won’t be long before he also comes under attack from the “tolerant” liberals in the mainstream media.

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