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Harvard bans neckties on campus as chauvinistic hate speech

Posted on 19 May 2017

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Harvard bans neckties on campus as chauvinistic hate speech


Harvard University has written a new dress code that defines ties, a traditional male dress accessory, as a symbol of oppression, chauvinism, and hate speech. The decision came after a women's rights group petitioned the school board to ban neck ties after the group claimed that students have been triggered by seeing such a “flamboyant and offensive” micro-aggression carried around even by their own professors.

Immediately after the board’s decision, a mass email was sent to all students and faculty of the new dress code stating that if the new policy was disobeyed it could bring about “serious consequences” including expulsion. In the email it expressed the belief that a man wearing a tie is just as offensive if not more so than a white man in black face.

“The necktie is nothing more than an archaic phallic symbol” said Nancy Gilmore, the organizer of the Harvard Women's rights group responsible for the ban. “That's the only purpose of a tie is to draw attention to a Cis-man’s groin. It points directly at it. Something as disgusting as that should have no place in society let alone a place of higher learning. How do they expect women to better themselves if they constantly have men rubbing their privilege in their face with those horrible bits of fabric. When I see a cis-male in a neck tie I fantasize about hanging him by it.”

Violence and threats of violence have become more and more prevalent on American campuses in recent months and have even more recently become socially accepted as long as those kinds of acts and words are directed at anyone who is not a member of the social justice movement. This can be indicated by ... read more ... Statistics : 1 Post || 121 Views Post by Chedoh

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