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After Affirming ‘Right’ to Health Care, BuzzFeed Details Horrors of Venezuela’s Public System

Posted on 31 May 2017


The irony.  After taking Miss USA to task over her statement on health care as a “privilege,” rather than a “right,” BuzzFeed has detailed the horrific failings of a significant public health care system.

On May 30, Karla Zabludovsky of BuzzFeed News wrote a piece exposing the Venezuela’s dysfunctional health care system.  The piece, entitled ‘These People Had A Chance At Life. Venezuela Is Taking It Away,’ exposed the breakdown of socialist Venezuela’s public health care system. “The health care system is on the brink of total collapse and patients who thought they were in the clear are back to fighting a harsh reality,” wrote Zabludovsky. “Doctors . . . perform surgery with antiquated equipment in operating rooms cleaned with dirty water.”