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Blogger for BuzzFeed and HuffPost Caught CHEATING at Race, Tweets Article Saying She’s a Good Runner

Posted on 27 February 2017

Photo Credit: CBS Miami


Blogger For Fake News Websites Caught Cheating

A New York woman admitted to cheating in a marathon last week after being caught by an internet sleuth according to a report from CBS Miami.

From CBS Miami:

Jane Seo, 24, was busted by Derek Murphy, a marathon investigator whose mission is to “analyze race results, detect course cutters, bib swappers and other questionable results.”

Data gathered from Seo’s own Garmin 235 fitness tracker proved to be the smoking gun, according to Murphy’s investigation.

Seo initially finished Sunday’s race with a time of 1:21:46, including a 6:15 per mile pace.

However, Murphy noticed a discrepancy in Seo’s course split times when it showed her running the first 10 kilometers at a time of 44:22.

“These results would equate to a 7:09 minute/mile pace for the 1st 10k and a 5:25 minute/mile pace for remaining 11.08 kilometers,” Murphy writes on his investigative blog.

Seo is a blogger for fake news BuzzFeed and for the ultra-liberal Huffington Post. Seo claims on her Twitter to be a graduate from Harvard in 2014. It is very fitting that these two “news” outlets hire people like Seo.

Seo’s liberal colors were on display in her apology that she posted to her now deleted Instagram account.

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Screenshot from Jane Seo’s now deleted Instagram account. Taken from the Daily Mail.

Instead of just taking responsibility for cheating she blamed her cheating on illness saying “I wasn’t feeling well so I CUT THE COURSE and headed to the finish line.”

What makes this story even more pathetic is the fact that only a week after the race Seo tweeted out an article she had previously written about how she is a good runner.

Excerpts from her article:

Like King Kong climbing the Empire State Building, I scaled an 8 foot wall to the finish line at the City Challenge Race in New York City this past weekend. Though I have participated in and conquered numerous obstacle races in the past year, including the Urban RAID Championship, Rugged Maniac, Spartan Race, as well as another City Challenge Race in Jersey City

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Screenshot Jane Seo’s Twitter account

Jane Seo, delete your account.


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