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Cuomo Repeatedly Frets Pence Was Not Pressed from Left on Gay Rights

Posted on 05 October 2016

If you watched most of Wednesday's New Day show on CNN, one thing that was clear is that co-host Chris Cuomo is just itching to see GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence challenged from the left on gay rights as he repeatedly brought up the issue -- mostly in the first couple of hours of the special four-hour edition of the show -- commenting on the topic six times in all. Perceiving Governor Pence's conservative views on the issue as a "significant weakness" with people who have an "open mind," Cuomo first brought up at 5:19 a.m. ET the absence of the issue from Tuesday's vice presidential debate due to Donald Trump being a frequent topic of discussion: "And yet the flood of 'Trump says,' Jackie, actually helped Pence out in two cases. One, he got a pass on LGBTQ last night which, you know, is going to be a significant weakness for Mike Pence with a big chunk of the independent and center electorate, any of those people who are open mind."