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No Politifact – Hillary Clinton Would Not Have Won Nomination Without Super Delegates!

Posted on 31 July 2016

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Bernie endorses Hillary pic

Earlier this week Politifact sent an email about a post published last week at The Gateway Pundit.  Politifact advertises that it received a Pulitzer Prize and is owned by the Tampa Bay Times.  However it is a tool used by the left to attack any voice standing up against liberal ideology and as most people know is completely slanted. The email from Politifact correspondent Linda Qiu stated –

I’m working on a fact check of Donald Trump who tweeted, “An analysis showed that Bernie Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination if it were not for the Super Delegates. (

I think Mr. Trump was referring to your post in Gateway Pundit. Would you say that Mr. Trump was accurately describing your findings?”

Trump Tweet of GWP Post

It was clear at this point that Politifact was not seeking the truth but looking for a way to attack Trump.

The correspondent never waited for a response but instead concluded that what Trump said was false.  In her email Qiu from Politifact agreed that Hillary only won the nomination due to super delegates but then argued that Hillary still would have won had there been no super delegates.

As stated in the GWP post questioned by Politifact –

  1. By the numbers Hillary is a horrible candidate. She only won 56% of the states where Trump won 74%.
  2. Hillary only won 2,205 delegates but needed 2,382. Sanders had 1,846 delegates.  But Hillary was awarded 602 super delegates to Sanders’ 48.  So, as was stated in the post, If the situation was reversed and Sanders was given the same number of super delegates as Hillary, Sanders would have won the nomination.”
  3. We also noted that Trump won 2 million more votes than any candidate in Republican history.  Hillary however received only 94% of the record number of votes from the 2008 Democrat primary season. The Democrat Party received 7 million votes less than in 2008! Republicans received a record 11 million more votes than in 2008.

It is absurd for Politifact to believe that Hillary would have won the election without super delegates – she simply didn’t have enough delegates without them.  It is also just as plausible to believe that Sanders would have won the nomination if not for super delegates because he was gaining momentum and Clinton was faltering as the year progressed.  Ultimately either candidate would have won the nomination had they received the super delegates that Clinton received.

We’ll never know the outcome of this election without super delegates because the Democratic primaries are over and this year super delegates handed Hillary the nomination.  However we will always know that Politifact is a silly leftist site created to continue with the dishonest and evil liberal agenda killing this nation.

Donald Trump stated correctly that our post showed an analysis that Sanders would have won if he had the super delegates that Hillary had.  Mr. Trump proved to be an honest man while Ms. Qiu proved that she is just another dishonest liberal.

Since the post above was written Wikileaks released thousands of emails showing that the entire Democratic primary season was ‘rigged’ for Clinton and against Sanders anyways.  Based on this, there probably was no need to even hold the Democratic primaries in the first place.


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