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Apple’s App Store Rejects Anti-Hillary Game, Sells Nasty Trump Games

Posted on 31 July 2016

Well, here’s a liberal tilt.  Charlie Nash at Breitbart reports that after months and months of making a profit at the expense of Republican nominee Donald Trump, Apple is refusing to publish a political satire game about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

It’s okay that Apple publishes games that make fun of Trump by featuring him as a giant turd in the game “Dump Trump,” or “Dump on Trump Bird” or “Dump on Trump Twisty Wheel Edition” that allows a player to douse Trump in what can best be described as …ummm…bodily fluids. One game lets you punch Trump in the face. (Imagine the feminist reaction to these games with Hillary.)  But Apple has a BIG problem publishing anything that dare criticizes Clinton, even just scandal mockery.