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ISIS Announces It Has Covert Units in France and Turkey

Posted on 29 June 2016

isis fighters

ISIS celebrated its second anniversary this week.

The terror group released an infographic of centers of control and areas with covert units.
The Islamists claim they have covert groups in France, Turkey, Tunisia and Algeria…
isis caliphate map

Vocativ reported:

In the latest infographic, ISIS says its “spread” across the world falls into three categories: areas of “major control,” areas of “medium control,” and “covert units.” In the first category, ISIS lists Syria and Iraq, where it has recently losing ground but still controls large swathes of territory. Under “medium control” it lists places where it announced official presence and carried out attacks, including Libya, Yemen, and Egypt. It also lists Niger, home to Boko Haram, as well as Afghanistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Somalia, and the Philippines, where ISIS officially announced presence earlier this month.

The last category shows countries in which ISIS claims it has “covert units,” including Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, and Bangladesh. Over the last two years, ISIS has claimed responsibility for attacks in all of the countries.

The U.S. does not appear on the list, which says France is the only western country with “covert units.”

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