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Whoopi’s Absurd Theory: Hillary Was Hiding Email Fights with Bill

Posted on 28 May 2016

On Thursday's The View on ABC, during a discussion of the State Department finding that Hillary Clinton violated the agency's rules in spite of warnings by conducting business on a private home email server, co-host Whoopi Goldberg ridiculously rationalized the former Secretary's behavior by sympathetically claiming she was trying to keep personal email fights with her husband from making it into the newspaper: "I'll tell you exactly why. Because I know that if they grab an email where she's cussing Bill out for some reason because he forgot to bring the cutlets home, it's going to appear in the newspaper. I get why she did it. I don't understand why, if the State Department felt that she was breaking the law and that she was sending classified information, why they didn't stop it."

Fellow liberal co-host Joy Behar -- who is normally a big defender of the Clintons -- notably showed signs of wanting to abandon Hillary in favor of Bernie Sanders. Behar: "The bottom line basically is, at the end of the day, how much does this hurt Hillary? It could hurt her because people read headlines, and Trump is a bully about 'Crooked Hillary.' And my feeling is, if this hurts her and it pushes Bernie ahead, then we go with Bernie. That's how I feel. I'll do anything not to have Trump in the White House."