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FLASHBACK: Conservative Legend Andrew Breitbart to #NeverTrump “More Than Shame On You – You’re On the Other Side”

Posted on 07 May 2016

Conservative icon Andrew Breitbart passed away on March 12, 2012.
Before his death Andrew founded, was a leader in the Tea Party movement, took on the radical left as often as possible, helped expose ACORN and governmental corruption, and left behind a collection of video and writings to save this country from Socialism and tyranny.

Hating Breitbart documented Andrew’s final year before his death.

In one of his last public speeches at CPAC in February 2012, Andrew called for unity in taking on the left. This speech could have been delivered today to the #NeverTrump movement.

You want a unity speech, I’ll give you a unity speech. I don’t care who our candidate is and I haven’t since the beginning of this. I haven’t. Ask not what a candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for the candidate. And that’s what the Tea Party is. We are there to confront them on behalf of our candidate. I will march behind whoever our candidate it because if we don’t we lose. There are two paths. There are two paths. One is America and the other one is occupy… And when I walk through CPAC or when I travel the United States to meet people in the Tea Party who care, black, white, gay and straight. Anyone who is willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker. And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with this candidate – more than ‘Shame on you’ You’re on the other side.

What amazing words from an amazing man.
We miss you, Andrew!

We miss you, Andrew.
May your spirit live on.

I first met Andrew in 2007. We traveled together to Israel with his best friend Larry Solov and others.
andrew breitbart jim hoft scott johnson netanyahu
Seated: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Scott Johnson from Power Line in the background. Standing (l-r) Andrew and The Drudge Report, Andrew’s friend Larry Solov, Jeff Emanuel from RedState and myself. We toured Israel as guests of America’s Voices and Voices for Israel organizations.

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