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Mark Levin Slams ‘Pom Pom Boys and Girls’ at Fox for Trump Hype After New York Win

Posted on 20 April 2016

The Right Scoop reported that Mark Levin opened his show on Wednesday night hitting back at all the election propaganda being spouted by the media and pundits after the New York primary results. He noted 150,000 members of the Conservative Party of New York can't vote in the GOP primary for president, and Trump actually drew less votes in New York than Ted Cruz did in Wisconsin.

“The Fox News Channel – the Donald Trump super PAC – hasn’t discussed any of this, all day long. Instead, the pom pom boys and girls are dancing all over the place. Telling you that everything’s changed, even though nothing’s changed. They repeat what Donald Trump says. They repeat what his sycophants say, his surrogates say.”