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Amanda Marcotte: Trump’s ‘Racist to His Core,’ But He’s Preferable to ‘Sociopath’ Cruz and Nihilist Rubio

Posted on 29 February 2016

Some people say that in the general election, they typically vote for “the lesser of two evils.” Since it’s still primary-and-caucus season, however, lefty pundit Marcotte had to choose the least of three supposed evils -- the main Republican presidential contenders -- to arrive at a favorite. In a Monday Salon piece, she explained why she’s “rooting for Donald Trump” to get the nomination.

One reason Marcotte considers Trump “the least-bad option” for the GOP is that she finds him less dishonest than Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz: “It’s standard for Republicans to pretend that policies obviously designed to screw people over are meant to help…Trump doesn’t play that game, at least not as much, and it is nakedly obvious that this, and not his actual beliefs and policies, is what angers many of his detractors.”