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Afghan Translators Face New Threat in England From British Muslims

Posted on 11 May 2015

Guest post by DMartyr

afghan translator
Lt. Justin Kokernak of Northfield talks to an Afghan police officer (R) Translator Jamil is on the left (PRX)

It is pretty sad when someone flees the brutal Taliban only to find themselves in as much danger from Islamic radicals in a western democracy.

From the Sunday Express:

Hundreds of Afghan interpreters are currently fighting the Government for their right to claim asylum in Britain, fearing reprisal attacks from the Taliban if they stay in Afghanistan.

However, some linguists believe they now face danger if they are granted permission to stay in Britain, from the UK’s band of bedroom extremists.

One interpreter who now resides in Britain with his family revealed the threats he had received.

“There are a lot of lunatics in this country and I’m scared,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

“There are really extreme people here. I have met them. One told me he wanted to hang me by the tongue. That’s how much he hated me.”

How much more moderate could a Muslim be than those who risk their lives to help our troops root out and destroy extremism?  Are these not the people the West really wants, as opposed to the ungrateful jihadists we are currently importing into our countries?

Not safe at home – Not safe in England
letter afghan taliban
Pictured here are the letters to a Western translator bearing the Taliban stamp, threatening his life for working with the British.