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Report: Kerry-Netanyahu Call Abruptly Terminated

Posted on 05 August 2014

A call between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu was abruptly terminated on Sunday.

The two have not attempted to reach each other since the call.

On Sunday the Obama administration blasted Israel for targeting Hamas terrorists near a civilian shelter.

YNet News reported:

In light of discussions in American media outlets of a “historic low” in US-Israel relations, it was reported that a call between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State was disconnected on Sunday.

According to the State Department, the call was disconnected due to a “communications issue” – but the two have not made contact since and Kerry has not made plans to attend the talks in Cairo.

“Their phone call was cut off,” said State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki on Tuesday. But a journalist at the press conference pressed the spokesperson, asking if Netanyahu hung up the phone on Kerry.

“Sometimes calls get cut off. You — it was a brief call, is what I’m trying to convey,” Psaki responded. But the State Department spokesperson deflected when the journalist again asked if one side had slammed the phone on the other.

“There was nothing – there was nothing that interesting about it, no. That was not the case. That was not the case,” she replied.