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“May Allah Curse Them!” Gazans Share Harsh Words for Hamas (Video)

Posted on 05 August 2014

The mainstream media rarely reports about Palestinians living in Gaza criticizing Hamas and calling for better relations with Israel, but CBN News found a few of them inside the war zone.

Not everyone is Gaza is mindless human shield for Hamas.
Gazans slam the Hamas terrorists: “May Allah curse them!”

CBN reported:

Days after Israel struck Gaza’s only power plant supplying electricity, Nedal Melhea’s bread business has been firing on all cylinders because he uses a wood-fired oven.

“We are in a crisis. People don’t have electricity; they can’t make bread at home so they come here,” Melhea said.

So who do people in Gaza blame for the war, Hamas or Israel? Well, even asking that question can potentially get you in trouble.

One of the things about talking to Gazans, especially in the midst of this conflict, is that you can never get an honest answer because the reality is that many of the people here are afraid to criticize Hamas.

CBN News asked Melhea if Hamas has been good for Gaza. He smiled then blamed Israel.

“They are responsible. They must stop this war, stop using bombs, and missiles against civilian people,” he said.

But others like Faiza Ahmed Za’aneen, whose family has reported ties to Hamas, told CBN News she wasn’t afraid to criticize the group that Israel and the United States have labeled a terrorist organization.

“The government in Gaza doesn’t do anything,” she said. “Even on the radio, they don’t talk about how we are suffering. May Allah curse them!”