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BOMBSHELL! Top Tea Party Lawyer: The More We Learn the More We Know Dems & IRS Colluded to Silence Conservatives (Video)

Posted on 31 July 2014


Top Tea Party attorney Cleta Mitchell dropped this bomb on America’s Newsroom Thursday morning.

“IRS employees have given to 11 of the 18 Democrats on the House Oversight Committee. And, every time there is a hearing on any aspect of this investigation about the IRS targeting, the Democrats come in one by one and say the same thing over and over again. “Let’s shut this down. Let’s shut this down.” And I think we need to hold the Democrats accountable. They were involved in starting this and now they are trying to stop the investigation. And, the more we learn the more we realize how intertwined Lois Lerner was with the Democrats in trying to go after and silence these groups.

Once again…
The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

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