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White House Petition: Punish Bowe Bergdahl for Being AWOL

Posted on 02 June 2014

A new White House petition was launched this morning.

Punish Bowe Bergdahl for being AWOL / Desertion during Operation Enduring Freedom.

wh petition bergdahl

The petition already has 2,000 signatures.

And then there’s this…
The Bowe Bergdahl is NOT a hero Facebook page already has 352 likes.
berdahl not a hero

Bergdahl left his post and deserted his unit in Afghanistan during war.

Not everyone is so thrilled about his release.
Fellow soldiers call Bowe Bergdahl a deserter, not a hero
We Lost Soldiers in the Hunt for Bergdahl, a Guy Who Walked Off in the Dead of Night
Mixed reaction to Bergdahl’s recovery by service members who consider him a deserter