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US Soccer Team Gives Americans Welcome Distraction From Obama’s Failed Presidency

Posted on 27 June 2014

Thank goodness for soccer.
Americans finally have something to cheer about.
us soccer rally
US soccer fan Judy Garland carries her dog, Gaby, to watch the telecast of the 2014 World Cup Brazil between the United States and Germany in Hermosa Beach, Calif., Thursday, June 26, 2014. (AP)

** The Mideast is being taken over by ISIS Islamists.
** The economy is shrinking at a historic 2.9% clip.
** Jobless rates are still at record levels.
** US debt is over $17 trillion.
** There are more Americans on food stamps than the population of Spain.
** Toddlers are making it across the open US border.
** The IRS is targeting conservatives and lying about it to Congress.
** Russia just stole Crimea from the Ukraine.
** Taxpayers are buying underwear for illegals.
** Obama wants more funding for rebel Islamist groups in Syria.

No wonder Americans are excited about soccer.
Go Team USA!