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Report: ISIS Crucifies Eight Rebel Fighters – “Bodies Still on Display”

Posted on 30 June 2014

ISIS terrorists crucified a fighter in al-Bab last week.
The Islamist group claimed he was extorting money from locals at a checkpoint.
crucify isis
It was not the first crucifixion for the Islamic terror group.

ISIS reportedly crucified eight rebel fighters this week. Their bodies are still on display in Syria.
Inquisitr reported:

As ISIS continues its campaign to take over Iraq, it also continues to establish itself as one of the most shamelessly brutal organizations on earth. If Al Queda’s not wanting to be associated with ISIS wasn’t confirmation enough, ISIS reportedly crucifying several rebel fighters for being “too moderate” should bring them closer to the designation.

Reuters reports that eight rebel fighters were crucified in Syria, the barbaric punishment carried out by ISIS, also known as ISIL, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The report comes from The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group that has been monitoring ISIS and the events unfolding in the bloody, battle-torn region.

The group receives their information from sources on the ground in Syria who said the men were crucified ISIS on Saturday in Aleppo province, also noting that ISIS left their desecrated bodies up and they were still on display.