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Nice. Libs Paint Whiteface on Black Republican’s Yard Signs

Posted on 30 June 2014

The tolerant left strikes again.
Black Republican Glo Smith’s signs vandalized in Florida.
glo smith

How nice.
Racist liberals are painting whiteface on Black Republican Flo Smith’s yard signs.
National Review reported:

A Florida Republican congressional candidate’s campaign sign was vandalized with whiteface paint last week in a district with overwhelmingly Democratic voter registration. The attack follows a string of bias incidents against black Republicans.

Glo Smith, who reports that she has also had a number of signs stolen, tells National Review Online she became aware of the racist defacement of an eight-foot-by-four-foot sign Tuesday. The sign was situated on private property in view of Interstate 10 in Jacksonville. The vandal sprayed white paint over the face of Smith, who is African-American. The paint job appears to be carefully done and leaves the eyes untouched, creating a very creepy effect.

Smith is challenging long-sitting Democratic Congresswoman Corinne Brown in Florida’s Fifth Congressional District.