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BOB BERGDAHL Joined Code Pink in Campaign Against US Drone Attacks in Pakistan

Posted on 03 June 2014

32 American members of the far left Code Pink activist group joined a Pakistani march in October 2012 against US drone attacks.

(Code Pink Alert)

Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin apologized to the Pakistanis for the actions of the United States.

Bob Bergdahl, father of US deserter Bowe Bergdahl, signed the Code Pink petition against US drone strikes in Pakistan.
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On Saturday, Jani Bergdahl and Bob Bergdahl, the parents of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, were invited to the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington DC. Bob Bergdahl spoke about the release of his son Bowe. Then he praised Allah and Obama hugged him.