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Black Youth Mob Stomps On Cincy Man & Beats His Girlfriend For Trying to Stop It (Video)

Posted on 02 June 2014

A black youth mob beat the son of Prosecutor Joe Deters outside the Taste of Cincy last weekend.
The mob also beat his girlfriend when she tried to stop it.

Local News 12 reported:

Thousands of people were in town for the Taste of Cincinnati and the Reds series with the Cardinals.

By most accounts, it was a successful weekend for the city of Cincinnati.  There are also stories of random violence.  People jumped, punched, and kicked by groups of teenagers.  One victim said the thugs seemed to enjoy hurting him.  Local 12′s Deborah Dixon reports on one of the assaults with the video you’ll only on Local 12 News At 9th and Doerr on Sunday night a young man was trying to help his sister pull out of a parking place.

Eyewitnesses say that’s all Jon Deters was doing when he was attacked.  Jon Deters is the son of Prosecutor Joe Deters.

The video only on Local 12 News is a Metro bus video.  Police believe it shows teenagers running from the assault scene.  Three individuals are seen running away from scene while everyone else is staying where they are.  The video fuzzily shows Jon Deters trying to get up off the ground.  He was punched, fell to the cement, then he was kicked and now has a concussion.  His girlfriend, who tried to intervene, was also punched out.

Bus routes were moved because of the Taste of Cincinnati so some of the young people in the video are just trying to catch a bus home.  Witnesses who saw what happened might be able to identify the people who fled the scene.  Detective Upchurch says Deters was not robbed and no words were exchanged.

The violence was unprovoked.  There were other victims that night.  David Manz was catching a bus near the courthouse to get to his night shift at Dunkin Donuts.  He says about 20 black teenage girls attacked him and were in on the punching, kicking and stomping.  He suffered bruises, scrapes and broken ribs.