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WOW! Republican Sen. Thad Cochran: “I’m Glad to Be Involved” in Obamacare Effort

Posted on 31 May 2014

Wow! You don’t hear this everyday from a so-called conservative.
Senator Thad Cochran is faces off Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel next week in the Mississippi primary.

Senator Thad Cochran told reporters this week, “I’m glad to be involved,” in the Obamacare effort. reported:

When Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) goes on the record with reporters, it always seems to bring a surprise or two.

This time, in an interview with veteran Washington Post reporter Dan Balz at a campaign stop, Cochran accidentally called Obamacare “an example of an important effort by the federal government to help make health care available, accessible and affordable.”

“I’m glad to be involved in that effort,” Cochran added. According to Balz, Cochran was asked how he evaluated the state of play over the health care law. But afterward, a Cochran adviser phoned Balz to claim it was a mixup.

“A short time later, a Cochran adviser called to say there was disagreement aboard Cochran’s bus about whether the health question had been about Obamacare or the problems at the Veterans Administration,” Balz wrote. “He said Cochran was among those on the bus who thought the question was about the VA.”