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COMING SOON UNDER OBAMACARE: 115 Day Waiting Period to See Doctor

Posted on 31 May 2014

American veterans at the Phoenix veterans hospital were forced to wait an average 115 days for their first medical appointment. These waiting times are reportedly systemic throughout the VA.

If this is how the government treats its military men and women, how do you think the government will treat ordinary Americans?

The joys of government-run health care.
The AP reported:

Veterans at the Phoenix veterans hospital waited on average 115 days for their first medical appointment, which is 91 days longer than the hospital reported, the Department of Veteran Affairs’ internal watchdog said Wednesday.

The news brought immediate calls for the resignation of Veterans Secretary Eric Shinseki from Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Miller also said Attorney General Eric Holder should conduct a criminal investigation into the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Richard J. Griffin, the department’s acting inspector general, reported that investigators had “substantiated serious conditions” at the Phoenix VA hospital, including 1,700 veterans awaiting care who were not on an official waiting list.

“We have substantiated that significant delays in access to care negatively impacted the quality of care at this medical facility,” Griffin wrote.

Miller said the report confirmed that “wait time schemes and data manipulation are systemic throughout VA and are putting veterans at risk in Phoenix and across the country.”

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