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Romneyville Camp Needs More Handouts, Free Stuff

Posted on 29 August 2012

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Romneyville Camp Needs More Handouts, Free Stuff

My fellow comrades:

I was sitting at the stoplight this morning, waiting for the left turn arrow so I could swing into Panera bread to pick up a White Russian Mocha Latte before donning my pink vagina costume and proceeding to downtown Tampa for today’s protests against the RNC. Impatient, I pulled out my iProg to surf the ’net where I came across this alarming news article:

Romneyville protest camp reality not matching the dream.

Romneyville, a Tampa-based haven of progressive activists, occupiers, fellow travelers, and anyone looking for a safe place to share their hatred of Mitt Romney during the RNC and beyond, is broke and needs help.

They have neither food nor shelter:


With hardly any donations coming in, there is no money to feed people camped there and not enough tents to keep its estimated 180 occupants shielded from the blazing sun or sudden afternoon thunderstorms, said the Rev. Bruce Wright, one of the tent city's founders.
Who will feed these multitudes? Who will provide them with food? Who will give them brand new tents so they don’t get hot in the blazing sun, or drenched in the sudden afternoon thunderstorms? WHO?


Wright said the camp, which sits in a commercial lot behind the Army Navy Surplus Market and an adjacent gravel lot at 1312 N. Tampa St., should have had about 300 people living there, planning rallies, speaking out on the plight of the homeless and protesting the convention.

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