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Profile Chicago Values: Shaman Danny Davis

Posted on 30 August 2012

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Profile Chicago Values: Shaman Danny Davis



In the never-ending saga of Chicago Values™, we profile yet another exemplar of expression: SHAMAN DANNY DAVIS. Danny Davis is a true Prog. He teaches and defines the heart and soul of what Dear Leader meant by saying, “ one of the greatest congressmen,” but also that he shares “our values”"


The best way to understand Chicago Valuesâ„¢ is to study the great masters who express them. The Tiny Dancerâ„¢ known as Rahm Emanuelle, in his current incarnation as a restless demon finding a home as a city mayor, has shown the world the essence of what Chicago Valuesâ„¢ really means.

He first expressed them when a well-known fast-food business wanted to expand to another location in Utopia Obamaville Chicago.
Tiny Dancer™ denied the expansion because Utopia Obamaville Chicago can't compromise the outstanding Chicago Values™ it already espouses: such values as thug mobs, muggings and robbery, murders, shootings, gang violence, drugs, illegal aliens setting up shop dealing drugs and counterfeiting identification cards of all sorts, cronyism, pay-to-play, nepotism, political favoritism, high corruption, necro-voting, and the fact that Tiny Dancer wants Utopia Obamaville Chicago to be a "world sanctuary" for the outcast gay community — even larger than San Francisco.

But if you happen to be a business espousing religious views, zealotry, bigotry, and support "traditional marriage", there's no place for you. And that's how it should be in the tolerant Utopia Obamaville Chicago. Shaman Danny Davis also understands this.

Before Davis took on Shaman duties, he is a member of the House Committee of National Security. That in itself makes me feel safe and secure. He's also a standing member of the Democrat Socialists U.S.S.A. And he also graciously
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