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Obama TV Shows (The People’s Cube on Twitter)

Posted on 30 August 2012

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Obama TV Shows (The People's Cube on Twitter)

Last night we battled on Twitter again. It was a hashtag game named #ObamaTVShows. See our trophies below.

Those Cubists who have Twitter accounts are welcome to participate. Just "follow" us - @ThePeoplesCube - retweet, and send your suggestions.


• Super Nanny State
• Everybody Loves Ramadan
• The B Team
• That 70's Economy
• Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Donor
• Two And A Half Men, A Transgendered Lesbian, An Abortion Clinic, And A Solar Panel Factory
• Project Runaway Deficit
• Survivor Abortion Clinic
• Chicago Dope
• Malcolm In The Middle East
• How I Met Your Mother, impregnated her and went back to Kenya
• Who Wants To Tax A Millionaire
• Orange County Flopper
• Dog The IRS Agent
• Law & Order: Criminal in Tent #occupy
• It's Mostly Sunni In Philadelphia
• Big Brother Watches You (behind the scenes interrogations; report on the people's enemy and watch him executed)
• Judge Che (new season, new regime)
• How It's Made by the Government
• The Fraidy Bunch
• Columbo Biden
• The Incredible Hulk Of A Deficit
• COPS Who Probably Acted Stupidly
• One and a Half Teleprompter
• via Palestinian TV: Dora The Exploder
• Game of Drones
• Wheel Of Misfortune
• History's Birth Certificate Mysteries
• No Dirty Jobs
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