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Neil Armstrong’s Death??? Less-Than-Natural

Posted on 28 August 2012

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Neil Armstrong’s Death??? Less-Than-Natural


I have been authorised to share the truth concerning the “passing” of the “great” Astro-nut, Neil Armstrong, whose passing has recently been highlighted here on the Cube. The truth is that Armstrong was a blatant racist who dared challenge the Dear Reader’s (AP&PBUH) wise decision to end our manned space program.

You see, Armstrong and two other Astroturf-nuts dared commit their Racist thoughtcrime to an open letter directly challenging the wise authority of our nation’s GREATEST President!

And it is because of this open letter that certain post-natal contraceptive providers were authorised by an “Executive Finding” to do what was “necessary:”


The United States entered into the challenge of space exploration under President Eisenhower's first term, however, it was the Soviet Union who excelled in those early years. Under the bold vision of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, and with the overwhelming approval of the American people, we rapidly closed the gap in the final third of the 20th century, and became the world leader in space exploration.

America's space accomplishments earned the respect and admiration of the world. Science probes were unlocking the secrets of the cosmos; space technology was providing instantaneous worldwide communication; orbital sentinels were helping man understand the vagaries of nature. Above all else, the people around the world were inspired by the human exploration of space and the expanding of man's frontier. It suggested that what had been thought to be impossible was now within reach.Students were inspired to prepare themselves to be a part of this new age. No government programme in modern history has been so effective in motivating the young to do "what has never been done before".

World leadership in space was not achieved easily. In the first half-century of the space ...
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