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Ms. Schultz On The Outs

Posted on 28 August 2012

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Ms. Schultz On The Outs


Much has been made of the Mainstream media slapping Ms. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on live television in her recent appearances. Some have speculated that our Ministry of Truth agents are actually turning to a “balanced” (read: Pro-RethugliKKKan) reporting format. This of course would be deemed sedition and treason requiring good people like Anderson Cooper being subjected to the rigors of a reeducation facility. Some have speculated that they are throwing a proverbial “bone” to the opposition party so as to throw off their detractors. Since we are firmly in charge, why should we care about the detractors?

No, Komrades, the truth is actually much simpler than that. You have to ‘read between the lines” as it were to understand the nuanced sophisticated messaging. So, you may rest assured that the mainstream Ministers of Truth (save those at Newspeak who have chosen self-imposed post-natal contraception) remain loyal.

You see, Ms. Schultz has had a bit of a falling out with the regime. She is no longer considered “Inner Party” material. Perhaps she was making eyes at someone or pissed off the wrong Made Prog at some DC cocktail party, what have you. The reason for her pillory is unimportant. Whatever her thoughtcrime, she is being shunned, and the “Inner Party” have sanctioned it without providing her formal notice of the fact. What you are witnessing is the very public face of this.

As a warning, no one here at the Cube should give her any “props” lest one find one’s self marooned on the same isle with her.

You are free to poke fun at her; however, a note of caution. Should she manage to fellate her way back inside the fold, one may find one’s self on the very nasty end of a ... read more ... Statistics : 1 Post || 160 Views Post by Raum Emmanual Goldstein

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