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Let’s Celebrate FREE SPEECH

Posted on 28 August 2012

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Let's Celebrate FREE SPEECH

Last night we celebrated the departure of my alter ego from the Land of the Living:


As everyone knows, Leo Trotsky, himself a welp with blood in his hands, was visited by Uncle Joe's TRUTH SQUAD, and set straight with the help of a pick axe.

This is an object lesson in FREE SPEECH, because as good card carrying members of CPUSA, we always claim the high ground and label our opponents with Macarthyism at the slightest hint that we are less than loyal to the USA, but have no problem in actually sending to hell our opponents (particularly our former Comrades...). In other words, FREE SPEECH goes only one way in our Gloяious Woяld of Иэxt Tuэsday™, that is, we can use it to sell our Anti-American Ideas, but can't be used by the other side.

Thus, FREE SPEECH is the best vehicle to blame Bush for all that ails the USA, but Mr. Dinesh D'Souza is a racist Macarthy-ist bastard calling for concentration camps of all good CPUSA/DЭMOCЯAT leaders, and who must be silenced ASAP. In this the IRS will be our friend...

So, let us get drunk before noon, and celebrate the Trojan Horse named FREE SPEECH, for Next Tuesday is quickly approaching. Who knows, perhaps when the Dэaя Lэadэя wins again, we might get a visit by his TRUTH SQUAD, and this may be the last time we will drink copious vodka in the Land of the Living . read more ... Statistics : 5 Replies || 294 Views Post by Jíbaro

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