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FEMA Must Act NOW to Save the RNC Convention!!!

Posted on 28 August 2012

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FEMA Must Act NOW to Save the RNC Convention!!!


In light of the gathering storm which may perhaps place the city of Tampa awash, it is incumbent on me to point out the only reasonable course for DEAR READER (AP&PBUH) to take to avert certain disaster.

As you are all well aware, the RethugliKKKans have placed untold number of Union members and exotic entertainers who work in the Tampa area convention industry (not to mention Code Pink protestors forced to boycott them right in the midst of mortal danger) with their self-destructive behaviour. History is filled with numerous examples from the Bush era of what happens when FEMA is not proactive.

The only reasonable action that a caring, responsible Leader -- such as DEAR READER (AP&PBUH) -- can do is to preemptively declare Tampa a Federal Disaster Emergency Zone. This will allow DHS, FEMA and the National Guard (federalised) to detain all persons in the Tampa area -- to include RNC delegates as well as Romney and Ryan -- and humanely relocate them into FEMA-approved refugee facilities and postpone the RethugliKKKan Convention until after the Gulf Coast hurricane season has passed (say sometime ON or AFTER the second Wednesday in November). He would be forced to do this in order to “save lives” and “for the children.”

Indeed, in his magnanimity, DEAR READER (AP&PBUH) would actually be SAVING the very lives of his opposition from their own self-destructive tendencies… further convincing the public of the great love and care HE has for ALL Americans

Whilst under protective custody, Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan may be “questioned” at length (under ”enhanced” conditions) on several different points of order:

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